Card Holder Adult


Solid maple card holder. The maple provides a dramatic background for the colorful serigraphed image.  The card holder is a useful accessory especially suited for older folks.  It holds four rows of cards at staggered heights for easy viewing. All the wood is FSC certified. Card holder is hand made in America.





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Calee’s Creekside Creation card holders are made from Sugar Maple which is one of the hardest of our native American woods. We choose only the finest grade, then hand select for sapwood, which is the almost pure white wood close to the bark of the tree. The tight grain of Sugar Maple and the whiteness of the sapwood accept our inks well and provides a dramatic background for the imaged area. Our native American hardwoods are a constantly renewing resource. They replant and replenish themselves with no help from man. All the wood is FSC certified.

Imaging is a multi-step process beginning with the artwork or design on the card holder. The design must first be drawn with a separate sketch for each color in the picture. After the artwork is finished, the card holders are serigraphically imaged with consistently bold colors. The separated colors are applied individually to each card holder. We can complete one color per day beginning with the lightest (usually yellow) and finishing with the darkest. The imaging process is complete when the last color, usually black, has cured for twenty-four hours.





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